The Ultrasonic Level Meter L4W it’s a reliable, easy installation high versatility instrument. It’s used for the measurement of solids and liquids level
avoiding contact with them.
In installations where there are no energy problems L4W is suitable for
continuous measurements, and it is highly useful where the very low consumption is an essential prerogative.
Also in the low power mode the L4W assures the continuous presence of the voltage signal output. This peculiarity makes the L4W an instrument highly indicated to be interfaced with asynchronous systems and data loggers. L4W and WLB-01 GPRS Logger can be linked directly with an IP68 connection.
An outflow scale can set by the user inside the L4W to calculate directly the flow using the level, the analog outputs can be associated to the level or to the flow rate.


  • Level measurement of collection tanks
  • Level measurement in sewage systems
  • Level measurement of canals
  • Level measurement of reservoir
  • Level measurement of weir gate for flow rate calculation