The Water Meter Counter WMQ it’s a reliable and easy installation device. It allows the transmission of data acquired from mechanical counters. It’s compatible with a large number of counting interfaces for mono and bi-directional counters, and in general with other instrument with pulse output.
The WMQ stores the total count, the daily partial count and the counts within two particular periods and transmits the data weekly. In the WHQ version the wireless counter can send data daily; in this case the message contains the total count and the partial hourly counts. In both the versions the instrument can be used not only for billing purposes but also in the search for water leaks. The data are transmitted via GPRS in MQTT protocol. The instrument can be supplied with an high gain internal antenna, or set up for external antenna.
The setup software allows the user to set easily all the parameters, to check the real behaviour of the counter and test the data transmission with which the operator can verify the correct reception of the data by the broker.
The Bluetooth link used for the connection between the instrument and the pc is easy to use and helpful especially in difficult installations.


  • Counting acquisition from water wheel counters
  • Counting acquisition from pulse output of flow meter
  • Billing and search for water leaks