The link box WLB-Q has been designed specifically for low-power acquisition of analogue, digital and pulsed signals. The  digital outputs of which is equipped can be used to power the instrumentation for the sampling period (e.g. external pressure sensor, level sensor, flowmeter).

The configuration of the inputs of the WLB-Q is not fixed, it can be supplied in different configurations in order to match the real requirement of each application. The user-friendly configuration software allows the setting of all operating parameters.

The main functions of the WLB-Q are to accumulate data on the memory card and the periodic sending of data collected at the processing center via GSM / GPRS.

The measurements are sampled in minutes multiples of the sampling period.

The WLB-Q can be equipped with an internal antenna or it can be provided with the connector for an external antenna in order to be used in situations of low signal strength.

Optionally the instrument can be equipped with an internal pressure sensor.


  • Acquisition of pulses from pulse-emitters meter
  • Acquisition of the flow measurement and pressure in the districtualisation of water grid
  • Acquisition of the flow measurement and level in sewers
  • General purpose GPRS logger