Sensor For Water announces the release of new IoT Loggers dedicated to pressure, level and flow measurement.

The three new Loggers have common elements such as the use of IoT ready protocols and the possibility of using the most common Wireless networks dedicated to this type of transmission; local data storage; ease of installation; configuration via USB and wireless; the degree of protection IP68; the possibility of choosing between internal and external antenna; reliability and cost-effectiveness of management.

In particular, the pressure logger foresees the use of sensors inside the logger itself or external ones installed directly on the pipe. As options, the possibility of acquiring fast transients and the presence of the electronics necessary for the operation of valves are proposed.

The level logger integrates a temperature compensated ultrasonic sensor. The sensor provides the possibility to use pre-packaged settings based on the installation scenarios, in order to simplify the work of the operators. Among the options, it is possible to set outflow curves that allow the associated flow rate value to be associated with the level and the possibility to vary the sampling time based on the measured values.

The flow logger uses the load cell insertion sensor based on the patent “Device for measuring the flow rate of a fluid” for the measurement. Based on the accumulated experience, the sensor and the inserter have been updated and the installation simplified. In order to be able to set up a complete data collection point, the logger also has the possibility of acquiring the pressure of the pipe.

The data sheets for each instrument will soon be available.