Picoturbina, born to feed the equipment applied to the water networks, from its first installations until today has been decisive in solving situations in which finding energy would have been impossible or at least difficult and very expensive.

The validity and topicality of such a device is even more evident from the growing need to investigate networks in order to know in detail the parameters in as many points as possible, so as to have targeted interventions and more detailed models. Technological innovation also makes it possible to produce increasingly higher performance instruments with ever lower consumption, effectively extending the applicability range of low power generators such as Picoturbina. In addition to this, every single component installed on the network, according to its characteristics, must be equipped with functions in order to interact with the systems in which it is applied and thus increase its cost effectiveness.

These considerations, together with others of a technological and innovation nature, have guided Picoturbina’s updating with the design of the new PTR-20 regulator. The technological upgrade has introduced high-performance components, has made it possible to improve the general yield of Picoturbina and significantly reduce consumption in periods of low or no production. The PTR-20 has also been equipped with inputs and outputs in order to have the possibility of implementing external devices based on times or values ​​of input quantities according to pre-established logics.